Celebrate Costa Rican Farmer's Day with a Special Week-Long Offer at Arbol Pool Terrace

Each year on May 15th, Costa Rica honors the hardworking individuals who are the backbone of the country's agriculture sector. Día del Agricultor, or Farmer's Day, is a national holiday that pays tribute to these dedicated farmers who tirelessly work the land, providing us with a bounty of fresh produce, and playing a significant role in sustaining the country's economy.

On Farmer's Day, Costa Ricans across the country engage in a variety of festivities to appreciate and honor their local agricultural community. With lively parades and agricultural fairs, the day is a vibrant celebration of the country's rich farming heritage and an opportunity to show gratitude for the farmers' invaluable contribution to society.

This year, to commemorate Farmer's Day, Arbol Restaurant at Hotel Makanda is extending the celebration to a week-long event. From May 15th to May 28th, guests are invited to experience a unique culinary journey at the Arbol Pool Terrace. Between 11 am and 6 pm, you can savor a specially curated three-course meal for two for just $45 USD.

The feast begins with a cold appetizer to share – a Carpaccio made from fresh palmito, orange, and a special local sauce. This refreshing dish is a delightful way to start your dining experience, with its unique combination of flavors setting the tone for the courses to follow.

Next, you will be served a Caribbean Costa Rican soup. This hearty dish, made from a robust fish stock and creamy coconut milk, is served with crab, rice, and local roots. The soup encapsulates the essence of Costa Rican coastal cuisine, providing a warming and comforting taste of the sea.

The main course is a traditional Costa Rican dish – a plate of Chifrijo. This shared platter features roasted pork, rice, beans, tortilla, chimichurri sauce, and a green mango salad, all served together. The Chifrijo is a beloved staple in Costa Rican cuisine, with its array of textures and flavors reflecting the country's rich culinary heritage.

Join us at the Arbol Pool Terrace to celebrate Costa Rican Farmer's Day in the most delicious way possible. Not only will you be able to savor the best of Costa Rican cuisine, but you'll also be participating in a celebration of the hardworking farmers who make these dishes possible. Book your spot now and experience a taste of Costa Rican farming heritage.

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