Elegant outdoor terrace with a wooden deck and modern furniture, featuring a vibrant bouquet of yellow and pink lilies in a glass vase, overlooking a lush tropical forest, offering a peaceful and scenic retreat
Elegant outdoor terrace with a wooden deck and modern furniture, featuring a vibrant bouquet of yellow and pink lilies in a glass vase, overlooking a lush tropical forest, offering a peaceful and scenic retreat

Understanding the Unique Features of Our Secluded Hotel

When choosing the perfect hotel for a getaway, it's crucial to consider the unique features and offerings that cater to individual preferences and expectations. Our secluded hotel is designed for guests who value privacy, seclusion, and an intimate. With a focus on relaxation, TOP design, and personalized service, we offer an unforgettable experience for those seeking a tranquil escape. However, we understand that our hotel's unique characteristics may not be suitable for everyone. In this article, we will explore some aspects of our hotel that may not appeal to certain travelers, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether our property is the right fit for your vacation.

  • Emphasis on privacy and seclusion: The hotel offers an intimate setting, which may not be ideal for travelers who prefer a social atmosphere or lively parties. Our DJ Sunset Pool parties with happy hour drinks are each Fridays and Saturdays, sexy and cool, #placetobe. Proper setting of vitamins and health support adds and party recovery soup for next morning are waiting just in case.

  • Limited accessibility: Due to the hotel's location and terrain, guests may find it challenging to navigate the property's slopes. However, the hotel does provide golf cart service to bring you comfortably to any location, including our secret wild beach - the gem of Manuel Antonio, truly tropical and secluded. For hikes, we have free Crocs available so you can make walking on slopes more comfortable.

  • Nature-oriented experience: The hotel is designed to immerse guests in the natural surroundings, which may not be suitable for those who prefer highly urbanized environments. We are located in a jungle forest, and yes, monkeys, sloths, ocelots, toucans, and their smaller counterparts - like ants, butterflies, frogs, etc. - can choose you as a friend.

  • À la carte services: The hotel does not offer an all-inclusive package, which may not appeal to guests who prefer having everything included in their stay.

  • Wild beach charm: Hotel Makanda's secluded wild beach and natural setting may not be ideal for travelers who prefer well-manicured, groomed beaches. We offer comfortable delivery, beach bed setup, towels, and drinks at the beach, but it's not Cancun. For a different vibe, we recommend Manuel Antonio beach, which is a 10-minute walk from the hotel.

  • At Makanda by the Sea, our mission is to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience that immerses them in the beauty of nature. As part of our unique concept, our hotel does not have blackout curtains in the rooms. Instead, we have thoughtfully designed our accommodations to allow you to fully connect with the stunning surroundings of jungle Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Awaken to the gentle sounds of birdsong and the warm rays of the sun filtering through the lush foliage. Watch the vibrant hues of the sky as the sun rises and sets, painting a breathtaking scene outside your window. Our carefully curated spaces encourage you to embrace the natural rhythms of the day and indulge in the serene atmosphere of our tropical paradise.

  • Exclusive adult-only environment: The no-kids policy makes the hotel an exclusive retreat for adults, which may not be suitable for families or travelers with young children.

  • Our gym space is tailored to comfortably host two people simultaneously, prioritizing exceptional performance and privacy. Since we do not provide 24/7 access, and considering the Costa Rican climate, we kindly ask that you allow us to supervise your exercise sessions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. We follow stringent cleaning procedures and kindly ask for your cooperation in scheduling your gym sessions. Just let us know your desired time, and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

While our hotel may not cater to every traveler's tastes, those who appreciate privacy, beautiful design, and personalized service will find our slice of paradise just perfect.

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